Letter of Intent

Saturday, August 7, 2010

First of all, I want to welcome the readers, if there are any, to my new blog. Hello everyone! My family and some relatives might be reading my new blog anytime now. So, I must explain. Why did I make a new blog? My old blog, Trina's Den, is more of the past. It is more on reminiscing and the like. Well, I want to leave that behind. It’s nice to be reminiscent at some point in our lives but I think I’m doing it way too much. I had to stop. I made this blog so that I can move forward and leave my dreary and faulty past behind. I am constantly learning from my mistakes and experiences. If I’d be reminiscent the whole time, I’d be brooding all the time on the wrong things I made in my life. I do not want that to happen and I don’t want to live that way anymore.

Of the hectic schedule and more, I would love to dedicate my time posting my adventures on challenging the setbacks I have in life. It would be a pleasure to share my experiences on how I stood up for these difficulties. Because I know that through time, I will be able to find my real purpose for living. I’d be getting to share my life with the world, especially to my adversaries and those who consider me as pariah, to let them know how much strong I have become. So, I can thank them for contributing to my journey of making a new ending.

I share my journey with you and I hope you could share yours too! Let them be known. Because I believe that when we are gone, these experiences, lessons and stories of hope and love will leave a trail on the hearts and lives of people we touch. Looks may fade, riches may vanish and all other things in life may be taken back from you but these things – hope and love – can never and will never be taken away. When we are all gone, our lives will flash before our very eyes. Let’s make sure it’s worth watching.


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