The Clock Ticks the Minutes Away

Sunday, August 8, 2010


As the clock ticks exactly 12, we are usually in a hurry to greet a person or a loved one a “Happy Birthday.” Who wouldn’t want to be the first to greet their special someone, right? Even before the event itself, I usually get excited on planning the things I will do for a surprise. Most of the time, I prepare my teary-eyed messages ahead of time. Today, while seeing the clock tick its way to 12, I feel distant and sad all of a sudden. It’s all because the person I am supposed to be greeting a happy birthday has left Earth for good.

In spirit and in prayers, I want to take this opportunity to greet my grandfather, Abdon Macaranas Sison, Sr., a happy birthday. Yes, you have caused us pain when you left especially on Mamang’s part. Yes, you have caused us relentless tears and days of unyielding sorrow. Yes, you have caused us silence and cold twilights in awful desolation. Yet, we should fear not. We have to stay strong and build a steadfast hope. You may have left us but that is all for a better and an unending life with Christ. In lieu of it, we need not ask for more.

My dad may not like this whole idea of posting sad events in our lives. I’m sorry, Popsy. It was a sad experience for all of us but we should not hinder ourselves from forgetting all the good memories that Papang has shared with us. Papang has lived his life to the fullest and time has come for his only chance to rest. It may not be that long since Papang left yet in six months time, we have managed to step onwards positively. We will never forget Papang. Papang will be in our hearts forever.

Now, the clock has ticked 12. As the clock ticks the minutes away, I’ve come to contemplate on this saying – You will only live once. When you get it right, once is enough.


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