EKG Steps of Interpretation at CCNAPI

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today marks another significant tale of my life. I am already here in Manila to attend a three-day-training on electrocardiography reading and interpretation. I enrolled at CCNAPI’s (Critical Care Nurses Association of the Philippines, Inc.) main office which was located at the 8th floor Medical Arts Building of Philippine Heart Center two weeks before the onset of the seminar. I did not count the participants on the master’s list but I am pretty sure that it’s going to be a huge class.

My day one started a while ago.

Following the road directions that I read on their site, I had no problems finding the place even if it’s my first time to go there. I left the house around 7.15 in the morning and arrived at the venue around 7.35. It is a positive thing that my house was just near the place. I surveyed the site and discovered that it is a pretty much convenient place. You’ll find good restaurants to eat at. Although they are all fast foods, I’m sure (if you’re in my place) you’ll find something interesting to eat - McDonald’s, Starbucks, Red Ribbon, Goldilocks and Mang Inasal. I just haven’t found if there are small restaurants who offer “lutong bahay.” (I’ll check that out tomorrow.)

We started around 8.30AM with a pre-test. It was so humiliating for me because I do not know most of the answers. I read a night before but only the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system. I did not realize that they will strike as with a hard pre-test…a very difficult one! But it’s a good karma; I can evaluate myself on how much I learned from my instructors at Fatima and how ready I am to face the ICU-ER-OR world.

It was a long talk - very bulky but it gets boring at times. Sometimes, I hardly ever understand the terms. But in all fairness to our speaker, Ma. Isabelita C. Rogado, she was very much patient to teach us in layman’s term. I wish I can be articulate just like her. How can she not be? She has three decades of experience – two decades of patient contact in critical care and more than a decade in teaching. She was one of the first nurses in the Philippine Heart Center and Lung Center of the Philippines. She has been the vice-president of St. Luke’s and so much more achievements that anybody could wish they would also achieve. Above all her achievements, she’s kind-hearted and very articulate (the quality that I admire most about her). Anyway, that long talk was very moving. I understood the basics, PQRSTs, rate and rhythm. But when the strips are laid on the table, I get blank all of a sudden. I do not know where to start anymore. That’s when I realize, it’s really not easy to say "ECG Easy Steps to Interpretation!" Some may get it fast, well, I say they have talent! Good for them. Some may be taking it slowly but surely. Well, that’s what I call practice. Practice is having determination. That’s the quality I need to have during and after this seminar. I must learn how to analyze and comprehend. I must be good at this. No what if's. No but's.

I’ll keep you posted again tomorrow. For now, I’ll be reading the book. Analyze some ECG strips. Answer the homework given. Oh yes, get some rest (at least).


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